Finance Leasing And Service Agreement Reviews

Integrity Corporate Finance Group specialises in ensuring that clients which include councils, universities, government departments, hospitality industry, large and small businesses are educated and protected from unethical contracts.

We can:

  • undertake a forensic review of all existing contracts and documentation
  • Provide advice on contract terms and conditions prior to execution
  • Represent clients with financiers and suppliers in all stages of the contract lifecycle, including any contract disputes


  • Debbie has reviewed over 1,000 finance, supplier and service contracts. In one case a Club achieved savings of $900,000 on one procurement contract alone with an estimated $4 million in overall savings to the organisation.

About IFG

Debbie Organ established Integrity Corporate Finance Group in 1997 and has staged a one woman campaign to expose unethical business practices and contracts, campaign to government for regulation and protection, and has spent 20 years protecting and representing her council, university, government, hospitality, large and small business clients and saving them literally millions of dollars.

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