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At ICFG we combine 40 years of financial expertise with an unwavering commitment to protecting our clients from unethical business practices and contracts.

About Integrity Corporate Finance Group

Founded by Debbie Organ after a 30 year executive career in corporate banking and finance, ICFG was established with one clear mission: to protect organisations from the unethical practices plaguing the financial services industry.

Through our advisory and training services, we ensure that our clients are aware, equipped andempowered to secure the fairest terms and conditions during tendering and procurement processes.

As our name suggests, integrity is the heart of what we stand for.

What We Do

At ICFG we specialise in writing high-value loan and procurement tenders, reviewing loan terms and conditions, and negotiating with banks and lenders on behalf of our clients to secure the fairest terms. We also deliver a suite of tailored training solutions for businesses across governance, compliance, legislation and finance.

Services include:

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