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Advisory Services

Recently I have been involved in some rather intense contractional issues with a supplier over the lack of services and repairs carried out by them with regard to a contract signed by the club manager.

I have received fantastic support from Debbie Organ in relation to deciphering the contract and highlighting breeched areas of the contract with the company in question.

With Debbie’s assistance we have been able to make the best from a bad situation and her skills regarding the long term outcome of this situation are of extreme comfort to our club. We will be following Debbie’s recommendations when we are outsourcing a new ATM provider.

Robert L Weston JP ACCM
Secretary Manager

Debbie’s detailed knowledge of the finance industry and her highly professional approach to her clients greatly assisted me as Finance Director at Macquarie University avoid the hazards often associated with financing arrangements. As the author of various papers including “Operating Leases: The Benefits and Pitfalls”, Debbie has detailed for Universities how to best manage these financing arrangements to achieve the best outcome for us and how to avoid common mistakes, which often benefit the financing company. She also provided invaluable advice for an $18million student housing project proposal.

In my subsequent role as Finance Director at University of Western Sydney, Debbie was again an invaluable resource who saved the University substantial money and reviewed and negotiated our finance and service contracts to ensure at all times the University was protected

Debbie has also spoken at various University conferences and Finance Director meetings. Her personal, passionate, and frank presentation silences any room and leaves many in the room speechless. A modern day whistle-blower who can only be admired for her knowledge, bravery, and integrity.

In addition to the provision of timely and efficient professional advice, Debbie is at the forefront of ‘organizing’ fund raising events for deserving charitable causes.

I have appreciated the assistance/advice provided by Debbie Organ that has greatly benefited Macquarie University and University of Western Sydney and congratulate her on standing up for what is right.

Michael Webster
Former Finance Director | Macquarie University and University of Western Sydney

Prior to my retirement from the position of ClubsNSW Chief Executive Officer in July 2010, I had the privilege of working with Ms Debbie Organ for nearly four years on the many issues surrounding Lease Rental Agreements and other contracts as they affected registered clubs.

Ms Organ had detected that many registered clubs were entering into agreements for the procurement of a wide range of goods and services, that could only be described as deceptive and misleading and set about ‘righting the wrongs’.

Ms Organ has saved scores of clubs many millions of dollars through her investigative work, combined with sharp negotiating skills and absolute commitment to ensuring that her clients needs were met.

I have personally been approached by many of Debbie’s clients thanking ClubsNSW for Debbie’s fight on their behalf, in some cases achieving results that ultimately saved clubs from closing.

I would have no hesitation in acting as a referee for Ms Organ.

David Costello
We would like to thank you for your professionalism and expertise in the successful management of Councils tender for the $63 million financing of the Ballina Shire Wastewater Upgrade.
Manager Finance and Governance
Ballina Shire Council
Debbie I would like to take this opportunity to thank you not only for the amazing contribution you have made to Marrickville Council, but also for your stand, drive and selfless unwavering dedication to expose, educate and correct the unethical practices of some organisatons.
Brian Barrett
General Manager | Marrickville Council

Debbie was of great help to me defending my position in relation to the scam I was caught in and pointed me in the right direction in pursuit of justice on several occasions.

Her company Integrity Corporate Finance Pty Ltd is aptly named as I have found her to have a good sense of justice and her personal integrity is unquestionable.

Brian Barrett
General Manager | Marrickville Council

Debbie’s expertise in providing sound financial advice to assist us to manage the financial challenges of our business has always been relevant and beneficial. Debbie has always exceeded my expectations in this regard.

I have no hesitation recommending Debbie and Integrity Finance Group for the provision of services including: independent corporate financial advice, asset financing advice, equipment procurement contracting advice, corporate finance reviews, preparation of finance tenders, contract reviews and education associated with these services.

I have also had the privilege to hear Debbie speak at various conferences on the ”Importance of Reading the Fine Print”. This is a powerful and sobering presentation that every person in business should attend.

Greg Pickering
Chief Executive Officer | Mounties Group of Clubs

Debbie Organ is an operator in the finance industry that passionately represents the interests of the consumer.

She is concerned with the unscrupulous nature of some operators in her industry and she is an advocate for fairness and transparency, and a level playing field.

Melinda Pavey MLC
Parliamentary Secretary to the Leader of the Nationals | Duty MLC for Monaro and Port Macquarie

Our professional relationship began in 1985 when Debbie was only a Graduate Trainee in The State Bank of NSW. She accepted the challenge of analysing and preparing banking submissions for some large and complex companies. Her depth of knowledge and analytical and interpersonal skills enabled her to progress rapidly in the Bank. Within a few years, she rose to the level of Manager, responsible for servicing a portfolio of large corporate customers with banking facilities ranging in excess of $200 million.

In 1993, Debbie accepted the challenge of Regional Manager for the North Coast of NSW, making her the youngest appointee to such a senior position with the Bank and at the time the most senior woman in the Bank. In this role, she was responsible for not only the large corporate accounts in her region but also the many small businesses and personal banking relationships.

A study of Debbie’s Curriculum Vitae shows many impressive academic achievements and these have no doubt substantially assisted her throughout her career. She was a sought after University lecturer.

Her stand and determination to expose unethical business practices is indicative of her integrity and strength. She has a wealth of financial expertise and is an excellent corporate speaker.

Having spent more than 40 years in the finance industry myself, I have worked with many talented people, but few more than Debbie. Her career rapidly progressed at a time when there were relatively few women in the banking industry and very few at that time held senior positions. Debbie is an asset to the industry, a role model for other business women and would be an incredible asset to any corporate Board.

Jim Swinburne
Senior Manager, Corporate Banking | Rabo Australia Limited

Training Solutions

I wanted to thank you again, very much for your outstanding finance workshop!

I have never felt so much a part of a workshop until yours. I was interested from the start to end and even though I was tired at day's end, I came back to work energised!

Finally, I would just like to comment from a woman's perspective how I admire your leadership qualities. You are confident, articulate and engaging and this really inspired me!

I would like to keep in touch if I may, as I would appreciate maintaining contact with a professional woman such as yourself , for advice and guidance and indeed mentoring!

Chief Executive Officer
District Health Services | Adelaide

Keynote Speaking

Her articles in Clublife, received rave reviews by the industry. If you have not heard Debbie speak, this is a great opportunity to hear of her experiences, and the valuable lessons your Club can learn, so as not to get caught in the traps often found in lease, finance and service agreements.

Debbie has staged a one woman campaign to government for regulation of the leasing industry, and has met with the Dept of Fair Trading and ACCC, representing Clubs in NSW.

After meeting Debbie, you will see why she was nominated for Business Woman of the year on three separate occasions

Annual Conference

As is often the case with Debbie, the better you get to know her, the more admiration you can’t help but have for her many virtues. In particular, her ability to blend her altruistic nature with a strong results and outcome focus for any of the projects that she engages. These qualities combined make her a rare and valuable resource in a highly competitive corporate world.

In addition to her varied achievements in the business community Debbie maintains a strong commitment to her charity work and helping those in need.

I attended (with Debbie) a NSW Council Industry conference, where Debbie was the guest speaker. I am always impressed by her Integrity and passion that all business dealings should be ethical..

She has such a passion regarding the operating lease industry and unjust business practices associated with the various areas of procurement and contracts. Many Councils spoke to me about how impressive and passionate Debbie is, many of whom use her services. I am honored to be associated with such a business person and how she aims to make a genuine difference.

Wayne Pearce OAM

On behalf of the Directors of the Queensland Hospitality Industry Conference and Expo, I would like to extend our sincere thanks for your conference presentation.

There is no doubt you silenced a very large room of delegates and opened people’s eyes when it comes to what they should be looking out for when entering into agreements.

I have received only very positive feedback. Many thanks for your participation

Penny Wilson
Director QHICE

I read with a mix of horror and interest to the articles Debbie Organ wrote in the Club Life and CMA Magazines. I know of a number of my colleagues in our zone, including ourselves, who have saved their Club significant amounts of money (and grief) with Debbie’s help.

My finance Manager is a brilliant operator and yet he walked away from Debbie’s seminar to immediately review our agreements.

Debbie is a straight talker and her presentations are even better than the articles.

Gordon Rhodes
Chief Executive Officer | South Tweed Sports Club
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