More Clauses for Concern – Fine Print!

OVER the next couple of editions of Club Life, I want to focus on agreements involving ATMs, power saving and waste management. In 2015, ClubsNSW undertook the task of negotiating a standard club ATM agreement with what we consider to be fair and equitable terms and conditions. This agreement was the result of the poor contracts and business practices of some ATM suppliers.

Unfortunately, there are still some clubs that have not reviewed their existing agreements, so it’s worth remembering that the ATM deal your club chooses should be a function of:

  • The age (and hence technology) of the ATM itself
  • The number of transactions specific to your club
  • Who cashes the ATM and associated fees
  • The surcharge you charge your members
  • Any security and other fees that the ATM supplier charges
  • Service availability
  • Club rebates (after any minimum number of transactions)
  • The ATM agreement itself
  • Term of the agreement (do not sign for any more than three years).

Reviewing your existing agreements remains critical to ensure your club does not get caught under contract extension clauses.

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